Speakeasy provides complete audio solutions for any sound challenge you may have. We will make anything you bring to us sound better. We will compose your music, design your sounds, record your voices, and tell your stories. We are here to help you. We are Speakeasy.



Do you work in advertising, publishing, film, television, radio, music production, sound installations, schools, museums, theatre, online or podcast?

Do you need music composition, sound design, voice over sourcing or recording, sound mixing, location recording, audio logos, jingles, or VR 360 mixing?

Do you want to select, in any of 80 different languages, the perfect voiceover from the more than 1,200 we have?

Perhaps you have some old tapes you want to preserve as cherished memories. Speakeasy's Digitising Archival Service can help. 

It would be impossible for us to list everything we do, because every day we apply our skills to new challenges. For us, every working day is like waking up on holiday in a brand-new location. Our ears and minds are delighted and refreshed whenever a new project arrives because we consider every client, every project and every sound unique.

We love nothing better than to dip into our deep and nourishing well of creativity. With the confidence, professionalism and skill born from years of experience, we approach your project with passion and excitement. We want it to be the very best that it can be, and the journey of achieving that goal is why we are all in this business. We are here to make you sound better.



We work with you to make you sound better. To help your stories connect with your audience. To lift your story above the pack and make it sing. We believe that sound is magical and powerful, and that it is our good fortune to work with it every day. That daily discipline over the years has made us very good at what we do. When we have made you sound better – and you are satisfied – our hearts too are satisfied and our mission is complete.



Every job we do is another opportunity to stretch ourselves creatively. Every story we tell is a new adventure, a new approach, a new audience. Everyone who comes through our door is a creative collaborator looking for us to tell his, or her story in a unique way. Our approach is to listen, to seek, to understand and to draw upon years of experience to offer original solutions that will make you sound better. We have the full set of tools for this. Our passion is to make great, sound better for your project.



We deliver a great product with passion and pride.